Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt
Our conveyor belts keep your material moving, regardless of the conditions

The belt is at the heart of operations and the key to its profitability. However, the biggest advantage for our customers lies not in the belts themselves, but in our application knowhow. When you choose us as your supplier, you buy into more than 100 years of experience of designing and delivering conveying solutions for almost any conceivable application and in any configuration. We offers a comprehensive range of conveyor belts and a choice of cover grades. They are engineered from the best-quality materials available and designed for high performance, cost-effectiveness and safety. Once we know the parameters for your operation such as conveying capacity, lump size, etc., we can tailor a solution based on your total conveyor needs. It is a single solution from a single supplier to ensure that all the parts fit together safely and perform together optimally.

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