The ultimate for high performance and reliability

The ultimate for high performance and reliability
Trellex Steel Cord Belts

These highly wear-resistant conveyor belts are used principally for long-haul conveying, heavy loads and physically demanding applications. In other words, they are suitable for high mass or high-volume flows and for abrasive materials. Available in X, Y, W grades for heavy-wear conveying applications such as bulky, sharp materials like heavy, abrasive rocks. High-quality cover grades are recommended to offer the best protection to the belt carcass. Made of high-tensile steel cords and various cover grades. A typical carcass with 7 x 7 hot-galvanized steel cords provides a tensile strength of up to 2,000 N/mm. Also available as 7 x 19 for higher tensile strength (8,500 N/mm).

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